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2023 Fire Up Live Videos

2023 Fire Up Live Videos

All the videos from our 2023 Fire-Up Connect Live Event are available for viewing in this playlist! Thanks to all those who attended, it was great seeing and connecting with you all! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBBr7wpSbGeJ0iooNlRPA9Cewjrg6n1ed

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About Us

Learn what Fire-Up Connect Business Networking can do for you!

Fire-Up Connect is a business networking group supporting those interested in learning about real estate and related businesses. We establish strong business referrals and connections by collaborating with small businesses committed to providing and benefiting from educational presentations such as how to deliver excellent customer service, build reputation, personal branding, marketing strategies, business principles, unique positioning, and much more!

If you have an interest in gaining or enhancing fundamental and advanced knowledge in Real Estate, Financial Planning, Home Inspection, Marketing Strategies, Strong Communication Skills, Personal Branding, Business Principles, Community Development, Social Media and many other business topics, than Fire-Up Connect is for you!

Members' Testimonials

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Jim McLaughlin

Jim McLaughlin

"I've been a member of Fire Up Connect for more than two years, and have enjoyed every minute of it. The format and meeting agenda are like no other networking group I've seen. As a result, I've come to know the other members deeply and I trust them to take care of the people I refer to them. I especially like the focus Fire Up Connect has on a community project, something we can all focus our time and talent on for the benefit of our communities. It's in working together that we often see behind the facade people typically present at most networking organizations. I'm happy to report that everybody affiliated with Fire Up Connect that I have met, I would do business with."

Scott McClatchey

Scott McClatchey

"FireUp Connect does an excellent job connecting business professionals together for their mutual benefit.  I enjoyed getting to know several top-notch professionals while we grew closer together, helped each other out, and developed into a mastermind peer-to-peer mentoring group.  It’s really about the relationships formed and mutual benefit derived.  For me, this was a worthwhile and rewarding experience."

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KCAA Radio on Sundays at 2pm PST


Roku TV, Building Solid Foundations Channel

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Marie Waite

Marie Waite

Finest Women In Real Estate CEO and Founder of the Fire-Up Connect Business Networking Group

Marie Waite is a businesswoman, entrepreneur and community leader. She is an expert in practical and effective marketing for self-employed professionals and business owners, and uses her expertise and unique programs to help specially selected real estate agents stand out as the Finest Women in Real Estate.

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