About Us


Fire-Up Connect is a productive business networking platform for people who are keen to learn about real estate and other similar businesses. It utilizes practical networking skills to collaborate with dozens of small businesses throughout the county and is centered around the idea of bringing entrepreneurs and small business owners together to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with intangible gains. Fire-Up Connect is committed to building lifelong relationships for both personal and professional growth. Moreover, Fire-Up Connect provides marketing support to Non-Profit Organizations and charities by promoting them on social media.

What We Do

Fire-Up Connect is a route to market for many small businesses and creates opportunities through solid referrals to grow business skills. We aim to use our wisdom and experience to help emerging entrepreneurs to expand their businesses through a well-prepared business networking program and develop lasting relationships. Fire-Up Connect empowers people through businesses that are committed to providing educational information with how to deliver excellent customer service, build reputation, personal branding, marketing strategies, business principles, and unique positioning. The educational networking circle yields the following benefits:

  • Learn basic tips from a pool of experienced professionals
  • Sharing of knowledge
  • Learn the ‘ins’ & ‘outs’ about your business
  • Develop strong communication skills
  • Helps to focus on personal branding through using video production, photography, and social media campaign
  • Visibility
  • Biggest Advantage – Helps generate referrals and recommendations!

The Objective

Our team works tirelessly in building relationships through the support and encouragement of each other. Networking is all about how you build a relationship based on trust and professionalism.

  • Goal #1 F-undamental: The first step is to learn the fundamentals of the person and his/her business.
  • Goal #2 I-ntroduction: Create a healthy and well-structured environment. Then, establish an effective introduction with the party of interest by maintaining a policy of positive attitude and openness. Get to know each other in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Goal #3 R-elationship: Build strong business relationships through effective communication by sharing challenges, goals, ideas, support, and recommendations. Members will be able to share their success, stories, and accomplishments, so people can either celebrate with them or learn a few tips.
  • Goal #4 E-xpertise: Provide educational knowledge to members regarding an engaging presentation and guide them on how to present in a room full of experts and community leaders. An effective feedback is also given to the presenters, which could sequentially lead to organic testimonials and lifetime referrals.
  • Goal #5 U-nderstanding: Develop an understanding relationship between the members by getting to know each other’s personality and business competency. When they work together with a genuine approach, members start expecting from each other in terms of communication, sometimes creating a deep, long-lasting relationship.
  • Goal #6 P-rojects: Members get an opportunity to collaborate on business projects, and as a response, they are able to share their principles among themselves, eliciting the growth of the same mindset. Moreover, it helps them to address issues and provide thoughtful solutions, paving the way for team success.


Fire-Up Connect offers an array of events and programs to introduce you to the market. Although it is a crucial part of the process, it will help you earn a name in the business circle. Here’s a list of all the programs:

Weekly Meetings: A business focused environment where members and visitors connect, exchange business ideas and information.

Fire Up Live Seminar & Awards: These yearly events include industry professionals, which help cultivate new business relationships.

TV shows: The current shows include: Finest Women in Real Estate, The Business Doctor, and Real Men of Real Estate. (Option of having your own tv show on NBC/CREW Network)

Radio shows: Fabulous Lifestyle Radio on KCAA station

Feature in Book publications & Magazine Advertising – Help establish a name in the market.

Fire-Up Connect solely focuses on building business relationships and creating projects for all of its members to develop trust and fellowship. In addition to the unprecedented business growth, we empower young minds to take ownership of their business. 

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Here are some exclusive perks that you can enjoy as a Fire Up Connect Member:

  • Zoom Meetings
  • Content/Article Writing + Research
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Data Entry
  • Customer Service/Appointment Setting
  • Flyer/Full Page Ad Design
  • Marketing – TV/Radio Show
  • Webinar Session
  • Photo Shoot & Video Production
  • Feature in Book Publication
  • Webinar Sponsorship
  • Boot Camp Admission
  • Magazine Advertising
  • Annual Conference Admission

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