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Fire-Up Connect Magazine

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Martha Razo

Martha Razo is a mathematician, pallet expert, salesperson, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and
co-CEO and co-founder of Solix Services. She believes that with data-driven solutions a company can achieve real growth. Martha experiences the power of data in her own work at Guero's Pallets, Inc., where she oversees daily operations as CEO.


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Fire-Up Connect Magazine

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Fire-Up Connect Business Networking Group

Fire-Up Connect is a productive business networking platform for people who are keen to learn about real estate and other similar businesses. It utilizes practical networking skills to collaborate with dozens of small businesses throughout the county and is centered around the idea of bringing entrepreneurs and small business owners together to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with intangible gains. Fire-Up Connect is committed to building lifelong relationships for both personal and professional growth. Moreover, Fire-Up Connect provides marketing support to Non-Profit Organizations and charities by promoting them on social media.

Fire-Up Connect Business Networking Group

Our Membership Site

Fire-Up Connect is a route to market for many small businesses and creates opportunities through solid referrals to grow business skills. We aim to use our wisdom and experience to help emerging entrepreneurs to expand their businesses through a well-prepared business networking program and develop lasting relationships. Fire-Up Connect empowers people through businesses that are committed to providing educational information with how to deliver excellent customer service, build reputation, personal branding, marketing strategies, business principles, and unique positioning. The educational networking circle yields the following benefits:

  • Learn basic tips from a pool of experienced professionals
  • Sharing of knowledge
  • Learn the ‘ins’ & ‘outs’ about your business
  • Develop strong communication skills
  • Helps to focus on personal branding through using video production, photography, and social media campaign
  • Visibility
  • Biggest Advantage – Helps generate referrals and recommendations!

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