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Women of Wealth

By empowering women and providing leadership resources, we help female entrepreneurs succeed!

This is a preeminent women’s business and social networking organization with an emphasis on inspiring and empowering women to live the vision of their lives at the highest level – mentally, physically, financially and socially.

Vision Statement

WOW and GSFE are joining together to grow an organization locally, nationally, and internationally and to provide a positive, safe, and healthy environment. We envision to connect, collaborate, and create our dream life by providing leadership, mentorship and the needed resources to help each other soar & build our wealth together.

Membership Benefits

  • Monthly in-person and zoom meetings for personal development, business and social networking
  • Each meeting we will have an experienced and knowledgeable speaker/trainer to enhance your business & personal life
  • We will be building a sisterhood with other like-minded powerful and successful women
  • Through our Leadership and Mentorship, we are there to help you achieve your life’s dreams and goals
  • The intention is to grow your business and personal connections with more purpose than you could do on your own
  • We look forward to you continuing to learn and grow through the experience and knowledge of other successful women that are in the organization
  • There will be the needed resources you might be missing to take your life and business to the next level

Join us as a community that through our membership we will give back to our members & local women centers & organizations to help inspire those less fortunate to help give them a better sense of hope for their future. Our goal is to help have more peace, fulfillment, joy, contribution and accomplishment to enjoy creating abundance in all areas of our lives together.

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Membership Fee

GSFE individual membership: $170/year

Women of Wealth/GSFE Membership: $199/yr

First two meeting attendances Free!

Marie Waite

Marie Waite

Director - Central San Diego

Barbara Ham

Barbara Ham

Women of Wealth

(619) 252-3245

Monthly Online Zoom Meetings:
1st Wednesday of the month, 11 am to 1 pm

$10 for members
$15 for non-members

$0 for 1st time visitor

Venmo @MarieAntonette-Waite
Paypal marie@finestwomeninrealestate.com

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