This podcast episode of The High Profit Event Show hosted by Rudy Rodriguez features guest
Marie Waite, the founder of Fire-Up Connect. During the episode, they dive into Marie's
background in event hosting and branding, focusing on her successful ventures in San Diego,
including the real estate education events and the development of Fire-Up Connect for business
networking. Marie shares her three-point process for enhancing event branding, the importance
of building your name within the community, creating a strong brand presence, and a lasting
legacy through impactful events.

Marie also discusses her approach to event promotion and engagement and the importance of
building relationships with community and business leaders for event success. She shares on
starting small for first-time event leaders and the necessity of having marketing content to
promote future events. Marie also touches on her role in aiding speakers to secure paid
opportunities, and her upcoming workshop for developing speaker skills and visibility.
The episode covers practical strategies for event leaders, from branding and promotion to
engagement and creating memorable experiences for attendees. Marie's expertise provides
valuable insights into making events successful and leaving a lasting impact on participants.