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Fire-Up Connect:

Six Essential Steps to Building Business Relationships

Explore the personal insights of six members of the Fire-Up Connect community in our new book, designed to enhance your networking skills and grow your business.

Unlock Your Networking Potential!

Don't miss out on these insights and personal stories that will help you to expand your professional network. This book offers invaluable insights and strategies from six expert members of the Fire-Up Connect Business Networking Group. Grab your copy today and start building meaningful business relationships!

If You Want To Unlock Your Networking Potential

This Book is a Must-Have!

Discover the secrets to successful business networking with our latest release, crafted by the seasoned professionals at Fire-Up Connect. This book is packed with actionable insights and strategies that are proven to enhance your networking skills, expand your professional circle, and significantly boost your business opportunities. Don't miss out on the chance to transform your career trajectory!

Expert Advice

Real-World Examples

Proven Strategies

What Members Are Saying

'A transformative read that has given me new perspectives on business networking!'

"The connections I have made in Fire-Up Connect have been invaluable. Marie Waite does an exemplary job in selecting top experts and powerfully connects members with high value resources. Highly recommend if you are looking for a top tier connection group."

Dr Robert Garcia

PR Strategist

'Every chapter is a stepping stone to becoming a better networker.'

"Fire-Up Connect is an engaging meeting that meets throughout the week. I enjoy meeting prospective members and interacting with current members. The meeting format is very efficient and interactive. I encourage you to be our guest and make great connections, it will help your business."

Rick Morgin

Franchise Consultant

'An essential guide for anyone looking to expand their professional circle.'

"I've been a member of Fire-Up Connect for more than two years, and have enjoyed every minute of it. The format and meeting agenda are like no other networking group I've seen. As a result, I've come to know the other members deeply and I trust them to take care of the people I refer to them."

Jim McLaughlin

Coaching & Leadership

Meet The Authors

Marie Antonette Waite

Marie Waite is a businesswoman, entrepreneur and community leader. She is an expert in practical and effective marketing for self-employed professionals and business owners, and uses her expertise and unique programs to help specially selected real estate agents stand out as the Finest Women in Real Estate. 

Sharon Barnes

Dr. Sharon Barnes is the CEO of ADU Advantage, a company that specializes in helping homeowners build Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in their backyards. She has over 30 years of experience in the legal, business, and real estate fields, and is a respected professional in the Inland Empire. As a Certified ADU Specialist, Dr. Barnes is well-equipped to help homeowners and developers understand the ins and outs of building an ADU, including site eligibility, local regulations, development costs, and return on investment.

Jasmine R Willois

Jasmine Willois is an incredible example of what you can achieve if you surround yourself with the right people, allow yourself to be challenged, and generously share the knowledge you gain along the journey with others. She grew up on the ‘wrong side of the tracks’. Yet, she has climbed to working at some of the most prestigious companies, and is now President of her own organization which is helping thousands of others to achieve more freedom and financial success for themselves.

Ralph Ave

Ralph Ave is a retired Chief Master Sergeant from the United States Air Force Reserves with a combined 20 years of total service on Active Duty and the Reserves. He has been in multiple leadership positions having 7 years of Department of Defense Contractor experience and currently a Department of Defense civilian with the Department of Navy while coaching youth basketball.

Dr Mansi Shah

Dr. Mansi Shah is a Co-founder of Abundant Tribe Leader Collective. At ATL OS, she crafts a signature program that nurtures the health and wealth aspirations of entrepreneurs and investors. Her goal is to help her clients achieve exceptional growth in their careers, personal lives, and financial goals.

Brian George

In the complex world of wealth management, Brian started Planning Network Partners as a beacon of strategic brilliance. Founded in 2021, his innovative company empowers every investor, including High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth individuals, as well as financial advisors, with sophisticated tools and strategies, backed by a high powered network.

Martha Razo

Martha is your business and numbers expert. She has used her Master's degree in Applied Mathematics, along with 10 years of business experience, to build a national, multi-million dollar company. She has experience as a business owner and consultant working with clients around the nation in sectors like manufacturing and real estate.

Don't Miss Out!

Our authors, a dynamic team from Fire-Up Connect, bring a wealth of business acumen and networking insights to the table. With diverse backgrounds ranging from entrepreneurial ventures to corporate leadership, their collective experience is the backbone of this insightful publication. Each author is an expert in their respective fields, fostering connections and driving innovation in the business community.