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Marie Waite

Personal Branding & Marketing Guru

Business connections in real estate investment and development, healthcare, and fashion industry.

Founder and CEO of the trend setting Finest Women In Real Estate and Fire-Up Connect Business Networking Programs.

Author and Publisher of the book Six Essential Principles of the Finest Women In Real Estate.

Magazine Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Finest Women In Real Estate Magazine.

Executive Producer of the Finest Women In Real Estate, Real Men of Real Estate, and The Business Doctor TV talk shows.

Radio Host of the Fabulous Lifestyle Radio show.

Organizer and host of theFire-Up Brand Seminar, Fire-Up Live Seminar, and the Fire-Awards, as well as fashion shows such as the IVBCF Spring Fashion Show, Cars and Couture, Fashion in the Vine, and Temecula Fashion Week.

Director of the Mission Valley Chapter of the Global Society For Female Entrepreneurs.

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"Throughout my life’s journey and God’s blessing I’ve had the fortunate pleasure of meeting a lot of people along the way, some good, some bad and a few who’s character is a real testament for humanity. One of those individuals I can speak of is Marie Waite, I met Marie a few years ago and right off I knew the type of person she was and what she stood for. While the meeting was not the norm, we were able to keep the communication lines open and essentially establish a working relationship. Marie, as I’ve gotten to know her over the years, has done nothing but exemplify the highest position of quality and class. She is very relentless in her efforts to help others, she has a heart of gold, a personality that lights up any room and is a true humanitarian when it comes to people and worthy organizations.
I would confidently say that there are many others like me that are appreciative of her tireless energy and efforts to bring awareness to those in our community whose acts of kindness don’t go unnoticed.
It’s about time that we took the time to pay tribute and attention to all the things that Marie has done. To have one is to be one and I’m deeply honored to call her a friend.”
- Wes Chandler

Press: Public Relations

CEO Weekly is the premier publication for business leaders and executives who are looking to stay informed, inspired, and ahead of the curve. With a focus on the latest trends, best practices, and thought leadership in the business world, CEO Weekly is an essential resource for anyone looking to succeed in today’s fast-paced and competitive environment.


US Reporter is a news company that focuses on delivering accurate and timely coverage of current events to audiences in the United States. With a team of experienced journalists and a network of correspondents around the world, US Reporter can provide comprehensive coverage of the day’s most important stories.


Networking Programs

Fire-Up Connect

Business Networking Group

The Fire-Up Connect program is intended for Business Professionals who have an interest in gaining or enhancing knowledge in fundamental subjects of Real Estate, Financial Planning, Home Inspection, Marketing Strategies, Strong Communication Skills, Personal Branding, Business Principles, Community Development, Social Media and many other business topics. Participants develop a strong foundation of business connections and testimonials while strengthening their knowledge on other types of businesses.

Finest Women In Real Estate

Professional Services Network

Finest Women in Real Estate is an exclusive and prestigious group of the premier, specialized female real estate agents, along with the most exceptional real estate resource professionals (Finest Resources) in their community. Each of the Finest Women in Real Estate excels in their own area of specialty (by neighborhood, property type or transaction type), serving specific sellers and buyers within their target market, and represent diverse real estate brokers and companies.


International Wealth Builders Association

Bringing like-minded individuals together in a wealth based network we will effectively elevate the lifestyles of our members as well as improving the quality of life in the local communities they live in. The purpose of the International Wealth Builders Association is to provide a network where investors can thrive through the exchange of ideas, education, and by providing referrals all in an effort to achieve greater wealth and prosperity.


Inland Valley Business Community Foundation

A California non-profit corporation that provides a platform for local business owners to engage, promote and support the development of each other's businesses while fostering goodwill in the local community. Designed to educate and enhance the operations of small business owners, the IVBCF helps to provide a strategic plan of direction and build businesses on positive foundations.


Who Do You Think You Are?

Build Your Name, Build Your Brand, Build Your Legacy

Discover the transformative power of personal branding with Marie Antonette Waite as she illuminates readers with insights from her dynamic speaking events. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, Marie’s expertise and guidance will help you create your legacy! With a legacy of success as the Founder and CEO of Finest Women in Real Estate and Fire-Up Connect, Marie has curated a journey of motivation and inspiration.

by Marie Antonette Waite

Fire-Up Connect:

Six Essential Steps to Building Business Relationships

Discover the secrets to successful business networking with our latest release, crafted by the seasoned professionals at Fire-Up Connect. This book is packed with actionable insights and strategies that are proven to enhance your networking skills, expand your professional circle, and significantly boost your business opportunities. Don't miss out on the chance to transform your career trajectory!

Compiled by Marie Antonette Waite

Finest Women In Real Estate

Living The Six Essential Principles

Living the Six Essential Principles is a compilation of the Finest Women in Real Estate's knowledge, experience, talents and wisdom. Their contribution shares their passion, dedication, and love for this industry. This is their story and their journey to their own success and learnings in life. This is why they are the Finest Women in Real Estate. This book will inspire you to be the best that you can be in whatever type of situation you are in.

Compiled by Marie Antonette Waite

Finest Women In Real Estate Magazine

The Finest Women In Real Estate magazine is not just for women, nor just for those in the real estate industry. Our magazine exists to showcase the finest professionals, locations, foods, community leaders, businesses, and more!

Editor-In-Chief Marie Waite

Six Essential Principles of the Finest Women In Real Estate

The secrets to successfully building your reputation and your business, establishing yourself as an expert, cultivating clients and referrals, balancing home and work life, and so much more!

By Marie Waite and Steve Matley


Real Men of Real Estate

TV Talk Show

Discussions on real issues leading to real success! Provides expert advice and tips for home buying and selling, owning and running a business, commercial building development, real estate investments , marketing tips and learning about markets and trends!

Finest Women In Real Estate 

TV Talk Show

A media platform to entertain, educate and inspire. Not just for women and not just about real estate, this show features and speaks to real estate professionals, home owners, home sellers, business owners, and real estate resources. 


Fabulous Lifestyle

Radio Show

Explore the life we all strive to achieve! Focusing on food, fashion, and finance, the show brings together guests who discuss how we can achieve the dreams we all aspire too. Maries speciality is making finance fun as she uncovers tips and tricks to save money while accumulating wealth and providing a roadmap to creating your Fabulous Lifestyle!

Fire-Up Connect

Radio Show

Hosted by members of the Fire-Up Connect Business Networking group with topics related to Business Operations, Sales, Finance, Marketing, Public Relations, Business Technology and more tips to build your business for success.

Real Men of Real Estate

Radio Show

Hosted by real estate professionals working in residential, commercial, investment and building industry.  Their discussions help educate people on the real estate market, real estate trends, investment opportunities, real estate profession/career and many more related topics. 

Building Solid Foundations

Radio Show

Featuring experts from diverse walks of life including finance, real estate, health, entertainment, science, education, business, design, construction, fitness, sports, collectors, community service and much more. In short, we feature guests who we think are interesting and have something worthwhile to share; You never know who will show up or what they might discuss.

Marie Waite

Personal Branding & Marketing Guru

Get in Touch with Marie

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