What does it mean to be really get fired up in Real Estate? Do you spend more time doing cold calling? Do you go out and knock on more doors to introduce yourself? Do you sit in more open houses hoping to meet home buyers? All of these methods can be effective, but are very time consuming. Do you really want to make unsolicited and mostly unwanted calls to people you do not know just to be ignored, hung-up on or get verbally abused in the hopes of one out of the many might become a client? Is it worth potentially putting your life at risk knocking strangers' doors in unfamiliar neighborhoods, being chased by stray dogs, just to let them know you are a Real Estate agent? Or taking the personal risks of sitting in open houses where agents have found themselves face to face with predators?
I have worked in the real estate business and tried all of these, and over time have developed more effective and less risky methods to develop business. I speak from hard-earned experience when I say that there are other ways to attract clients without spending excessive and ineffective time or risking your life. Frustration and necessity lead to creativity which generates new ideas and new methods which in turn leads to more efficient and effective methods.
Get FIRED UP by intentionally working smart and becoming informed. How? Turn to the many experts and proven successes in the real estate industry and business in general. Experts that understand both the necessity of improving your business, but also know proven methods and systems that you can employ to make it happen for you. Experts that have been where you are, figured out how to make effective changes, and then succeeded by going through the same process they can share with you, and perfected their methods over time. Get FIRED UP by learning new and innovative ideas.
Get FIRED UP by uniquely positioning yourself. I am sharing my thoughts with you here because I know that I have discovered, and want you to also know, secrets that anyone can employ to establish themselves as an expert in a specific, targeted area of real estate, which draws potential clients to you. And why is this so important? By generating a name or reputation for yourself as an expert such that potential clients seek you out for advice, service and information, you build your referrals and client base without cold calling, knocking on stranger's doors or putting yourself at bodily risk sitting in an empty house all day.
Join us on March 1st for our FIRE UP LIVE SEMINAR event at Southwest Riverside County Association of Realtors and learn new ideas and strategies. You will hear from many great experts through presentations, panel discussions and Q&A sessions. These experts, both local and international, will discuss diverse topics on Real Estate, Negotiation Skills, Real Estate Law, Personal Branding, Community Programs, Leadership, Time Management, Financial Management, Effective Communication, Marketing Strategies and more. This is a one day event. For only $25 admission attendees receive top quality real estate and business education, Lunch, Entertainment and even a Fashion Show; an amazing deal. An investment of one day and less money than you probably spend for one meal will reward you with the information, connections and opportunities to really GET FIRED UP! Ask yourself this: How many times you have attended a seminar and spent money only to feel like nothing changed? This event will change that for you! Real Estate education was never like this!
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