Is your business ready for an economic crisis? Are you a small or midsize business owner trying to make decisions, stay afloat, or grow your business?

You hold the key to many uncertainties within your business. Yes, every business has this superpower or ACE in their company. Data!!! Data is one of the main advantages of large successful companies such as Tesla, Amazon, and Facebook, just to name a few. These companies use data to make decisions such as when and how much to raise their prices, when to market a product, and what social media platform optimizes the spread of their message.

My name is Martha Razo and I am a mathematician I have over 10 years of business experience leading a multi-million company in the Chicagoland area and we continue to expand nationwide. I am the CEO and co-founder of Solix Business Services. How have I accomplished growth and business success? I make data-driven business decisions.

As business owners, we get so busy trying to put out fires that we end up working in the business, and now more than ever you probably find yourself working alongside your employees and trying to play catch up since there is a continuous shortage of employees.

I welcome you to take the first step into getting prepared to lead your business in the right direction, especially now with inflation and a possible recession. I am inviting you to a workshop on April 22, 2022, via zoom from 6:00 pm-7:30 pm CST.

You can sign up by going to the following link:

What will you get from this, well you will finally see results and answer questions that will prepare you for the uncertainty and leverage your business strategy.

We will answer key business questions including the following:
What should my price be for May for my product or service?
How many salespeople do I need to hire to reach the company’s yearly sales goal?
What are my projected sales for the end of the year?
What effects does social media have on my profits?
What effects does the number of calls my sales team makes have on my profits?

This workshop has a value of over $2,000. How do I know that? Because when you answer these questions, you will save at least $2,000. Let's just think about the first question. What should my price be for May for my product or service?  Most likely, your price is lower than the current market. From the Data-Driven Business Solutions workshop, you will determine the correct pricing that will produce the profit margins you are looking to gain.  Also, you will avoid constant price increases that result in losing customers. Rather, you will make one price increase that will take into account market fluctuations so you can keep customers longer and run a profitable business. You will answer this question the right way using data-driven techniques.

The takeaways are not only savings but the logic and techniques that will allow you to answer numerous business questions to achieve business goals. So are you ready to be the next multi-million company? Are you ready to have data be your strong shield against economic instability? What are you waiting for? register today using the link below.

I am looking forward to meeting you then. Feel free to send me a text/call at (312) 523-5561 or visit our website at