I've found Shelly and her team 2 yrs. Ago in an anxiety moment of my life those days, my son was almost graduating high school in San Diego and I was totally lost.
Struggling economically and with just few years new in San Diego ( I'm from Mexico) I found her in Facebook.. and my gutt told me: why not a college expert? Let's see and I texted her. She gave me appointment by phone for next day. We talked, she explained me all an detailed me costs and what included.

I moved the world in 2 days because I didn't have any stable job and money to start paying.. but I did!!!

My son now finished 2 semester of community college in San Diego.. now he will.satrt fall semester

She worked so hard and got him the most amount in awards for college!!she also coached him once and she is always around when you need her.
Her kind and warmth made.me trust her and I walk holding her hand for the future of my son.

I work so hard too, so I can may.monthly, she gives you different options for payments and everything is clear!!!

We're working together to reach my sons goals after college, whatever he decides , I know that with Shelley we will be fine and that gives me piece of mind. 🙏 Thank you Shelley Ruffin and all your team!

Marcela Antoniewicz
~Diego Vazquez Mom
Southwestern college
Chula Vista, CA.