I have so many wonderful things to say about Shelly! She entirely changed my life and made my dream of going to University of California Davis a reality. In my four years of studying at Davis I have not paid a single penny out of pocket AND Shelly also found every grant, scholarship and aid that I qualified for. Now UC Davis actually pays me to study neuroscience as an undergraduate. In my four years as an undergraduate my total tuition cost $90,292, but lets be real- NOBODY has that kind of money. Shelly worked her magic and earned me $126,292 in financial aid, scholarships and grants. So I am now a fully funded student AND the extra $36,000 went straight into my pocket to pay for housing and books so I could focus more on my career and stress less about a temporary job. I would not be graduating with a degree in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior from one of the top ten ranked schools in California without Shelly. Now I am heading into a PhD program for Psychobiology with zero debt from my undergraduate career and Shelly is still helping me every step of the way. Shelly and her team are some of the most amazing people I have ever worked with and they truly make dreams a reality.

Heather Dodson
University California Davis
Bachelors of Science