In this week's meetings, the talk of the day is Imposter Syndrome, Challenges & Opportunities of which the host Marie Waite, the founder of Fire-Up Connect, Dr. Rob Garcia, Gabby Bachher, Michelle Estelle, and Martha Razo are part. The session sounds to be insightful and informative with Dr. Rob and other attendees, enlightening one another with their impressive thoughts in the discussion. The conversation is motivating yet educative as every member has a piece of deep knowledge about their domain and other things in general.

Martha, one of the members of Fire-Up Connect, gets the opportunity to meet Michele for the first time in the meeting. She has proficiency in business numbers and she helps small business owners to manage their cash flows and financials. She manages to come up with some strategies to double and triple a business’ income using her proficiency in business. Michele is a loan officer in the city of Temecula, and she helps people get loans at low mortgages. She has recently started working as a life coach and is very enthusiastic about it.

As the Q&A session proceeds forward, the host asks different questions and every participant devotedly manages to answer them. The discussion about Imposter Syndrome pops up and Gabby curiously asks everyone’s views about it, and how to get past it. Michele shares her thoughts as she believes the discovery of imposter syndrome is the initial step, and after that, one should get into a mindset of awareness and observation to get past it. Dr. Rob explains his position by saying that if you do work at a top level, like dealing in 7-8 figures, you cannot possibly suffer from it. Martha gives herself confidence by telling herself that she has achieved what many people cannot achieve — an Applied Maths degree where she penned down 30-page-theorems. She thinks one should think about what good they have done in their lives to get past the syndrome. Marie knows she is not perfect, but she is perfect in God’s eyes. She understands her strengths, and she likewise understands her weaknesses, but she knows they are there for a reason and that’s how things work out for her.

Now the next part starts, and everyone shares their goals, challenges, and opportunities. The biggest challenge for Dr. Rob was to get his magazine out, but once it got out, he got effective feedback from the readers and seems pretty happy about it. He’s already sold the next cover and is in talks for the next cover after that. Gabby is facing an issue with finding a suitable person for website development, and she also has a tax deadline next week. These are some challenges she is presently dealing with. Martha is excited about her opportunity as she is starting a six-week course “Power of Numbers”. It’s an ample opportunity, and she is eager as this is her professional domain. Michele also shares her challenges; transitioning from a lender to a life coach is challenging for her as she worked as a lender for more than 39 years.

The overall experience of the Fire-Up session is quite outstanding. It is informative and everyone is committed to learning and sharing new things with other members. Dr. Rob comes up with a lot of ideas to help all participants operate their businesses more efficiently. A lot of new strategies and lessons come out of this week’s meetings and everyone enjoyed the weekly hourly session at the Fire-Up meeting.

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