In this week’s Fire-Up session, the primary argument moves around Financial Planning and Non-Profit Organization on which host Marie Waite, the Founder of Fire-Up Connect, Dr. Mansi, Dr. Rob Garcia, and Brian George has a very intriguing discussion. The meeting is fruitful in terms of how impactful it is for Real Estate investors. The participants equitably take part in the questionnaire session and answer each question to their best knowledge. The uniqueness of Fire-Up meetings is that the environment is friendly, and everyone is committed to learning and listening to what others have to say.

Brian, who also has held workshops with Fire-Up Connect, gives brief information about his business. He owns an investment firm and helps people make big decisions in their life, like investing their retirement money in the correct place, putting their kids to school, or getting that second home. He is a devotee as a charitable planner and helps people give more to their favorite charity. If someone wants to manage their cash flow, Brian is the person they should connect to manage it.

As the conversation moves forward, Brian shares some interesting insights as a financial planner. The insights are interesting and helpful for people who have just stepped in as financial planners. Inflation has badly affected financial plans, but if planners follow the strategies of an expert like Brian, they can easily deal with it. As an ex-financial planner, Dr. Mansi gets involved in the conversation, and it is not wrong to say that she seems to learn plenty of things from the meeting.

Marie curiously comes up with a question about the conversion of a Non-Profit from Education to Real Estate. Brian thoroughly understands the question and straightaway replies with a different opinion. He gives some solid arguments to back his claims. It’s an interesting question and Brian professionally replies in a manner that convinced the audience that his argument is valid. The expertise of Brian does not stop here, he comes up with a perfect marketing plan for Non-Profits. Head out to the meeting to check the marketing plan. Moving ahead, he shares a secret to secure more donations from existing donors. What makes it unique is its explanation through a real-life case, and Dr. Rob leaves no time and appreciates the approach.

In conclusion, the meeting sums up in two words: strategy and learning. Throughout the session, participants are committed to learning with no hesitation. Brian’s expertise makes the conversation more pleasing and energetic. All participants remained attentive and focused and left no questions unanswered. This meeting, in my opinion, is a prime example of personal-level relationships. Fire-Up is undeniably a platform to establish relationships and make collaborations.

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