In this Fire-Up Connect session, the topics were Wealth, Success & Opportunity for which Marie Waite, founder of Fire-up Connect, Diana Bonasca, Stephen Powers, Brian George, and Dr. Mansi had an insightful and thought-provoking discussion in an enjoyable and motivating undertone. The whole session was motivating and informative as all the participants shared their thoughts and information with one another. They discussed the opportunities and strengths of their businesses.

A new visitor Stephen Powers got an opportunity to introduce himself and his work. Stephen is basically a film producer and is actively taking part in all kinds of media projects. He told the participants that he has been very focused on a project called Wisdom Immersive Arts. The project takes place in downtown LA, in the arts district. He enjoys the work he is doing. He later said that he is working on a film and a tv show. His company is called Powers because they work on vast media platforms- different mediums such as tv, music, live, music, immersive music. Diana is a mortgage investor. She came to promote her new business through Fire-Up connect platform. However she is passionate about real estate investing.

As the second part of the session started, different perspectives about wealth came to the table. Stephen believes that having good health is the wealthiest thing in the world, while Diana believes that wealth comes with wisdom and that if we stick to the right thing wealth will eventually come. Whereas Brain's approach to wealth was very insightful as he broke it down into three subcategories which I believe is a very holistic yet segregated explanation of the word wealth – Financial, spiritual, and emotional wealth. In his opinion financial wealth is easy to get but others are hard to come by. Stephen came to understand that money is just a tool to do good things. It should not be the main focus of life. Diana believes she needs wealth for her loved ones, to bring happiness to others by giving.

The conversation moved forward as the host, Marie Waite, asked about a success story, challenge, or goal. The conversation gets energetic as Stephen enthusiastically describes his film success story. Diana talks about her challenge as she tries hard to be an entrepreneur. Brian shares his success story about helping NGOs increase their donations. All the success stories are heart-moving in my opinion as both Stephen and Brain equally contributed to society through their success. Dr. Mansi, another old member, shares her success story too. She is getting her parents stem cell treatment which she is proud of.

When it comes to opportunity, everyone in the meeting has some thoughts to share about the opportunities they got in life. Stephen got the biggest opportunity to host a TV show with the personal poet of Barack Obama. This meeting with Fire-Up was a big opportunity for someone like Diana who is new to entrepreneurship, she got the opportunity to meet the big faces behind successful businesses. Different thoughts shared about opportunities which turned out to be good.

The overall atmosphere of the session remained enthusiastic and all participants had one purpose in mind while coming to the meeting – learn about new things and people. Fire-Up Connect meetings are an ideal place for business owners to truly express themselves and learn new things. Business owners who recently started their business had so much to learn from the session and Diana especially seemed to gratefully absorb the knowledge she was getting. Everyone had some lessons for others, but cause of multi-talented Stephen and Brian were in my opinion the important thing throughout the meeting.

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