Online Workshop: How To Prepare Yourself For FINANCIAL FEARLESSNESS by Jasmine Willois

Date(s) - February 20, 2023
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Let’s face it, to be truly fearless, you need to have some cash to work with, and the finances to support the journey.Leave this session with a better understanding of what it takes to be financially “independent”, and have the calm that allows you to truly be fearless when pursuing your passion(s).

Review the 6 IMPERATIVE resources and tools needed to EMPOWER you mentally to take steps to sure up your nest egg and financial future.

This session will focus on 1st position mortgage deed investing as a tool to help build passive income streams. The speaker will outline the 6 IMPERATIVE tools and resources she provides her investment community that allows them to take steps towards financial independence. Benefits:

  • Mental awakening to the benefits of becoming a creditor
  • Confidence to get more involved with your passion projects
  • Better understanding of how women financially break away
  • Outline of the tools used to by successful women business owners
  • Introduction to mortgage note investing

About the speaker:

Jasmine Willois  is a nationally recognized expert and national educator to lenders and creditors nationwide on mortgage trustee investing. She comes with 26 years of real estate investing & financial advisory experience. Jasmine is a former Morgan Stanley Dean Witter financial executive who worked under Jamie Dimon. Her experience includes managing a $380M(+) residential mortgage portfolio for GMAC Homecomings. She currently manages over 1100 notes via her Note Assistance Program platform and is a Forbes Business Council member. Jasmine is the co-host of the nationally syndicated Naked Notes Podcast, an educational podcast about investing in the secondary mortgage market that first aired in 2018. Ms. Willois holds a degree in economics, undergraduate in industrial organization economics and a MBA.


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