Just look at the reviews that have been made for the Note Assistance Program. Nary a negative one. More importantly, there are highly positive reviews year after year. Notes are risky and most Real Estate investors don't understand them. But, as with anything, when you take the time to learn about it, the risk becomes more manageable. As an investor, I want to maximize my control and ROI while minimizing my work and dependency on others. Buying performing and non-performing notes does just that. The Note Assistance Program is the easiest way to learn how to invest in notes while minimizing the risk. They have a fantastic track record of successful graduates that continue to interact forming a solid community of supportive colleagues. To get there, let the team of highly skilled, experienced trainers walk you through the steps to buying your first note. Then participate in the NAP-supported community to continue your learning. Do it today. Otherwise, you're just wasting profit potential.