Radio Interview Application

Reminder When Joining the Radio Interview

  1. Dress Professional (Zoom Video interview is recorded)
  2. Phone should be on silent
  3. No background noise
  4. The host will contact you for an initial communication to provide you the information and arrangement of your interview
  5. Share the airing date in all your social media and invite them to listen.
  6. The audio recording will be available on KCAARADIO.COM.  Click WEB to view the Facebook account and PODCAST to listen to your audio interview
  7. The video recording will also be available on our Youtube account.  Subscribe HERE and click the bell to get notified once we publish the video
  8. You can also check our sponsorship program HERE where we offer it with the magazine publication. This magazine will be distributed to the local hotels, restaurants and business locations. For more information, call (951) 378-5316