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Fire-Up Connect Business Networking Group

Fire-Up Connect: Six Essential Steps To Building Business Relationships

Sharon Barnes
Jasmine Willois
Ralph Ave
Dr Mansi Shah
Brian George
Martha Razo

compiled by
Marie Antonette Waite
Maximize your potential! We have asked six of our dedicated members to share their insights, thoughts, and personal stories inspired by each of the six essential steps used by Fire-Up Connect when building business relationships.

Who Do You Think
You Are?

by Marie Antonette Waite

Discover the transformative power of personal branding with Marie Antonette Waite as she illuminates readers with insights from her dynamic speaking events. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, Marie’s expertise and guidance will help you create your legacy!

Finest Women In Real Estate: Living The Six Essential Principles

Gisela N Sanchez
Janice Glenn McEntee
Monica D. Stone-Huggins
Pauline Woelky
Melissa Tucci
Rachel LaMar

compiled by
Marie Antonette Waite


October 17-20
Keynote Speaker

Glenn Morshower

Glenn is a popular keynote speaker who has done a TED Talk, SAM talks and speaking engagements at corporate trade shows and for large organizations. He also speaks at corporate retreats, often spending additional time one on one with participants.

Open spots for Presenters and Vendors!
Call Marie Waite at (951) 378-5316

IWBA Online Workshop:
FOREX Services

Hosted by Dr Mansi Shah
May 16, 2024
6:00 – 8:00 PM PST
Investors and Members can watch and participate for free!

Real Estate Mastermind

Super Charge Your Investments!
Six Month Meeting Group
Welcome to the IWBA Real Estate Investing Mastermind Group! This meetup is designed for those interested in REO's, real estate group investments, building a strong real estate team, and connecting with like-minded real estate entrepreneurs. Join our vibrant community to gain valuable insights, share experiences, and discuss the latest trends in the real estate industry. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just getting started, this meetup is the perfect place to network, learn, and grow. Let's build wealth together and tackle the exciting world of real estate investment!

Caliber8 Ultimate Utility Bag

This exclusive Real Men of Real Estate branded combination of the Caliber8 16 oz Claw Hammer, Caliber8 16 ft Measuring tape, Caliber8 Multi Max Pocket Tool, Caliber8 Compact Tool Kit, the Exactac Picture Hanging Tool and Tool Bag is the ultimate all around tool bag!

Real Men of Real Estate Reality TV Show

Hosted by Brian Fox and Gustavo Nieto

30-Minute Episodes: Each featured real estate professional will have a dedicated 30-minute episode. This extended format allows for a more comprehensive exploration of their insights and contributions. The episodes will be distributed on multiple platforms, including Roku TV, Amazon Fire-TV, and the Android App. This diverse distribution ensures a broad viewership.
Member's Featured Project:

The Butterfly March

with M Teresa Lawrence

June 29, 2024
Downtown Jackson Wyoming

Join us in breaking a world record of the largest number of people dressed as butterflies in history!


Interactive Business Workshop

Presented by Marie Antonette Waite

Finest Women In Real Estate Magazine Issue #3

Featured Cover: Janice McEntee

Interested in being featured in Issue #3?Call Marie Waite at (951) 378-5316
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