As our work culture moves more consistently toward flexible hours, remote working, and the globalization of teams; remaining connected and productive is one of the biggest challenges facing teams and companies of all sizes today.
Work/Life Balance isn't always easy, but finding Harmony between work and personal commitments makes for highly-efficient and intuitively-connected teams that know what they need, reject what they don't, and excel in their objectives.

Individualized Support for Groups or Teams:

Customized Meditative Practice Coaching

Help with establishing healthy self-care practices, enhance cognitive abilities & support a positive mood and group morale. A healthy team is an engaged and highly-productive one.

Tailored Nutritional Therapy

Competitive benefits attract top-tier talent. Give your team a running start with individualized nutritional therapy consultations and a breakroom snack overhaul. Employees that are nourished perform and feel better.

Cultivate healthy team dynamics that can take your organization to the next level

Being a great place to work means being a great place to BE. Attract and retain high performers to create a true TEAM. Create opportunities for connection as more than 50% of workers move to remote assignments.

Multi-Day Experiences

Designed to help you relax and reset, our experiences provide the tools needed to bring more compassion, self-love and healing nourishment into your daily life.

Integration of private yoga instruction and meditative sessions with other healing and intuitive therapies to bring you to peace and balance, inside and out.

Nourishing, plant-based meals to re-balance and revitalize your digestive and detoxification systems.

Sustainable, luxury accommodations in places dedicated to healing and wellness.

Fully-digital options for creating peace and balance in your own space.

Corporate Team-Building Activities & Programs

Lower the opportunities for invisible resistance and productivity leaks

Easily-implementable mindfulness training for your team adds to your competitive health and wellness benefits package

Build a sense of connection to company values and promote work/life harmony with your new staff by adding a Mind|Body coaching element to your employee onboarding

Achieve better focus, concentration and emotional connectivity through mindfulness and awareness practices

Support your teams with healthy approaches to eating, cooking and meal prep for busy people and families who want to work and feel their best​

Healthy eating in the workplace and how brain and body-fueling snacks drive employee satisfaction and productivity

Foster team connectivity and communication despite differing time zones, working styles, and responsibilities; how to respond to requests rather than react

Executive-level coaching for harmony in work and life

Productive approaches to meetings and digital communication that save time, conserves creative energy and empowers individuals to support themselves and their teams

Individual employee wellness support such as mindfulness training, nutritional consulting, and epigenetic counseling (how to eat for optimal genetic expression) and how it can attract and retain top talent even in difficult climates