Your complete self-care overhaul.Transformative results for your body, mind and spirit.

Get back to YOU: a more balanced Mind, Body and Spirit

* A complete wellness assessment and goal-setting introductory session

* Weekly digital coaching sessions to focus deeply on all aspects of your personalized self-care program

* Post-program follow-up sessions to support your on-going progress

* Comprehensive Nutritional Therapy plan to support total-body wellness including: hormonal balance, digestive healing, detoxification support, and cellular regeneration

* Epigenetic counseling to help guide your wellness choices to optimize your unique genetic expression

* Learn to nourish yourself: explore your relationship to healthy food and lifestyle choices for a more balanced daily routine

* Personalized Mindfulness training

* Nurture your spirit with journaling prompts and bio-energetic healing techniques

* Learn how to cultivate a relationship with your own intuitive guidance system so you never stress about making wellness choices and always know what's right for you

* I am available to you! Each program is completely customized to ensure the absolute best support for your journey, with email access and flexibility for additional calls or sessions as needed to help you BLOOM.

BLOOM Lifetime Member Benefits

* 10% off ANY additional sessions booked after your first program

* Early-bird access and special rates for BLOOM Mind|Body digital workshops, online classes and guest teacher programs